In 2002, Sam, who has just moved near the beach, discovered clay at low tide. After a few tests in painting he wanted to add a dimension to his work and tried modeling with this clay and created Backwash that he exhibited at the trophy of the young talents of Bayonne. Encouragement and meeting with a sculptor pushed him in that direction. Cellular concrete, an easy material for the self-taught man, became his privileged medium for a long time. At first raw with simple forms, he quickly moved towards the abstract, letting himself be guided by the lines that follow one another seeking a harmony to the whole work. In order to increase the contrast of this material and to go further in his approach, he added color to his sculptures, making them much more contemporary. The taste for the material will make him combine aluminum, zinc, earth, stainless steel, Plexiglas. Sculpture is a form of expression that Sam appreciates but that he now imagines more as large  installations (I NEED, The Tunnel) or in relation to nature and its components (Obvious Ring).