It was in 2007, in a surf video that Sam discovered this particular art and a dimension outside the norm. He tries there the following year, pioneer in France then, of this art. The interest for him, on his favorite beach (the côte des Basques in Biarritz), is the dimension that a sand drawing can take and therefore the impact it can generate on walkers and swimmers. His sand drawings are often improvised or inspired by his surrounding and made without any other tool than his only rake. His work is double because he then makes photographies before the tide erases his drawings. A second work, lasting this time is created. They are then printed in limited edition on white or brushed aluminum, for its texture and its particular brightness which accentuate even more this atmosphere that he looks for. Sam tells, the time of a tide, the poetry of the moment, the fragile beauty of our environment and the urgency to enjoy it!