French pioneer in 2008, Sam started his sand drawings in Biarritz, one year after he discoverd this technique in a surf video.
Quikly he finds the perfect way to express his sensibility in a large way and disseminated it world wide, during his many trips.

We can’t overstate just how crucial these kinds of original artworks like as the ones of Sam Dougados are to the modern scene. When the entirety of art history is analyzed, it becomes obvious that the major conceptual and visual breakthroughs were made by those who were not afraid to cross the line, risk and experiment – precisely the things Sam has in his creative arsenal. Additionally, the charming nature of his art is what makes it feel so pure and enlightening on every conceptual level. His art is an absolute celebration of life, nature and simple beauty surrounding us.

Often improvised, Sam’s works take their inspiration from the surrounding nature, following lines in rocks, cracks, the shape of the beach, puddles, sometimes seeking beauty in a simple line.
When traveling, the country and its culture are also an important source of inspiration, such as works from Portuguese tiles or zelliges and Arabic calligraphy in Morocco.
Through the photography which completes this first ephemeral work, he brings another look at his work to extract a new story and thus create a second work, lasting this time.

You will discover on this page his sand drawings from  Ireland to South Africa, threw Spain, Portugal, Morocco…